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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2011 1:00am-1:30am PST

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in fact, looking at the map that they were showing and the white areas right here in the middle of this map are the areas that can get worse by the 1906 earthquake. there are other things i noticed as well. they showed little streams, urban environment. one of those little streams 3 urban environment. one of those little streams was done by the hyatt riegencey. that's the one a child drown in. if they are going to fill park merced with little streams like that, get set for a few drown that, get set for a few drown kids. as far as other things going to good faith and bad faith and all this, one of the things brought in is packing. park merced wants people to pay all their own packing costs.
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spa when it comes to bad when they are still putting out literature extolling the virtues of park merced. as far as another aspect of their activities, they are still not telling people that are renting there that they are going to be moved out. they are hiding material fact. you were supposed to fell them if somebody died at the place under current rent rules. they did have 250 meetings, and at virtually every one of them they found people were opposed to what they wanted to do. i think their theory was they know better. president mubarak of egypt thinks he knows better, too. i'm sorry, maybe we're bad gypings that just don't understand.
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as far as park merced, other tactics, where they got to a rpt and they tried to take over the organization and purge the board. i got a letter fired at me as a member of the board. all sorts of things which we just aren't laughing. we sent a copy of mark merced management. they attended a -- so we sent by return mail his impeachment notice filed by the whole board. unfortunately that's what have you to do in a case like park merced. [bell] >> herbert weiner, chris french, kelsey and dillon love, mary
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beth love. could that have been you, burt? it doesn't look like it. go ahead. >> this is a memo from herbert j. weiner. he had to leave. >> i know it is not you, but go ahead. >> it is me. >> this is a good design. and development is inevitable and necessary. having said that, how and by whom are the questions. first of all, specifics. there needs to be a large capital outlay before the
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project even starts regardless of transportation most importantly and so forth. there is no means in which the developer can undertake this, and no means set up for the process to occur. i suggest redevelopment because you get 1% back in terms of tax increments. there is not a sufficient analysis to deal with the alternatives to make the necessary improvementses. two, recommended by the state for survivability. that does raise the costs. it needs to be considered. not just because we don't have a code, but because it is needed, and because we are a quarter of a mile from the san andreas faults.
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those gas lines will be impaired because that earthquake will occur within the next six to 10 years. we're talking about a 6.9 in 1989. am i clear about that? i do like to say that i like the three-story design. the problem is that these are the constructions that are least impaired by an earthquake, and here we are talking about a high rise. in terms of survivorability we have a priority problem with safety. we don't have a study by the city's analysis. that's why i keep pressing. we need a performance, shall we say, insurance bond to keep everybody honest. i don't trust the city. i don't trust the city attorney. i don't trust the commission
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that votes 4-3 on everything. >> mike bueller, byron cototh, michael ruddman, steven hyde. tina moylan. john juway match. pam hagen. steve hyde from etna.
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this park merced proposal poses an interesting question. will it help the rezz -- residents in the surrounded -- surrounding neighborhood and beyond? the answer is no. this proposes to turn back every other street car running at 7:30 interest vals would mean residents beyond park merced would wait 15 minutes for pick-ups, plus traveling on a longer route. it will add several minutes to the commute. this is one of many plans that the park merced project will negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods. others currently proposed are the obvious impact on parking and traffic, congestion, the ocean views that will be blocked when the new towers are built.
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negs, this business about -- in addition, this business about the pipeline being so close, i heard they will be oversaw by the p.u.c. has anyone read the articles in the "chronicle" about the lack of oversight on the gaspipeline in san bruno? i can't believe anyone would trust this oversight. also the land shifted 12 to 14 feet at park merced in the 2006 earthquake. i can't believe this kind of stuff is being neglected. this should not be approved. if there is any question about rent controls protection, which evidently there is quite a bit, this should not go forward. many people should not be
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jeopardized by this. this is crazy. that's all i have to say. >> mr. julinitis, if you want to come up to speak. kate reiken. >> i just want to relay a discussion of the neighborhood network. we proposed architectural clearcutting of such a large section of san francisco.
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personally, i would recommend architectural heritage. james julinit sifment. is -- julinitis. >> the speaker that left the break, he he is not informed of what is going on. we are park merced. there is a blue bottle coffee shop, a hamburger shop, a papa john's, and a mail box service coming, a laundry mat and so on. totally occupied. second of all, i would like to thank the san francisco planning department for understanding the
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road for the survival of 32 marns in different businesses in the park merced shopping center. we thank the city planners for doing a job well done and showing that small business can survive with the big business. i was also told the park merced management team fought for us, too, wanting us to exist with the future shopping center. i would like to thank park merced management for that, too. again, it is important that we get that road. it is important we get it before they build their shopping center or at the same time. that's extremely important.
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it is also important -- we are below grade level and you can't see us, if you have been out there. third, when you do 19 avenue, avenue, they had something about big high trees. well, we have a little visibility, and we don't want that blocked by trees. for us, because we are so far beneath the street level, is very important to us. the shrubs are fine. we just want to co-exist. we thank them for finally understanding, it is a victory for all small businesses in san francisco. because you can't work with pizz big business. we hope it will be a successful business together. it is a victory for every san francisco small business in san francisco today that we got this. thank you so much,
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commissioners. >> thank you. >> dan weaver. i'll keep calling names. aaron goldsmith. matt -- ben brandon. >> my name is pat hagen. i live in one of the garden apartments and have for 25 years. i have been interested to watch as the information came out over the last two years about this project. i made copies of all the maps and walked through the entire area park merced looking at and envisioning what this would be like. i'm very excited. this is something i'm ined in living in. my biggest concern was the scope of the project was so large, i was concerned the developers might have to break it up at some point. so we found that the field that's been worked out between the city and the developer follows the land. basically satisfies my concerns.
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so i urge you to approve this project. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is dan weaver, and i'm a resident of the ocean view neighborhood which we can see park merced from our hills and from a lot of houses in the neighborhood. over the past five years, while we were struggling with muni and its proposals to eliminate the ocean view from our neighborhood, and as you may know, as planning commissioners, street cars, and neighborhoods are built around street cars. if you eliminate a street car, and from a neighborhood route, even if you replace it with a bus, like on eerie boulevard, it is never the same. fortunately when the park merced
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planning team came to visit us for the past few years, i would say about five, at first they were quoting the requirements about how they were going to improve the m line. of course we got upset at them. amazingly enough they cliss -- listened to us and they came back and they worked with muney, and they developed a plan to have every second car come through along the merced and ocean view neighborhood and to the balboa park station. this is actually an attractive idea. especially if the car says on it where it is going. one of the things that happed happens now, is they get to san francisco state and they turn around. this is a problem all over the city, i know, with muney vehicles. there is kind of a rebellion with it. we were impressed that this project was abling to take our
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issues to muney and engage them in -- able to take our issues to muni and engame them in a discussion. so for us, this proposal isn't a defeat, because we'll have fewer cars. it is actually considered a victory because we will still have street car service on the m ocean view. other improvements this project will bring to our neighborhood are streetscapes and landmarks. through a number of these pipeline right-of-ways in this district. it seems like the style now is to simply ignore it and keep your pipes underneath. but this approach needs to be dealing with it. i think it is also a great
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opportunity to redo the transportation and transit needs of san francisco which was built out in the first half of the 20th century. this looked like an improvement systematically that really needed, i think, for the area and will benefit everybody who lives there. thank you. bell bell. [bell] >> i have been a resident here for over 10 years. community center neighborhood park, community gardens, coffee shop. missing from today. residents need a place to come together.
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talk about an impressive job for hosting over 250 meetings with the residents and neighborhood. the time for talking and learning about the project is over. it is time to approve the project tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i am a native san franciscoan. i use 19th avenue every week. i take lake merced boulevard every week. will i be inconvenienced by the park merced project? absolutely. am i for it? absolutely. we need to look big picture here. there are going to be inconveniences in this location. that is inevitable.
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this is a huge, new development. what we need to look at as san franciscoans is, what are the net benefits of this project. you can look and see the hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits. that's wonderful. let's look at what this does for local families. i go to a school where -- my kids go to a school where people have to drive their children because they cannot afford to live nearby. it is going to be a better community. it is going to be a more smartly-designed community, and a more sturdy community, and i think it is going to be a much greater neighborhood. mark merced right now i think you may know your immediate neighbors but it is not a true neighborhood in the sense of joining together in a city center and having full service athletic facilities and the like.
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i think of west san francisco and the 10's of thousands of jobs this will bring to best san francisco. the construction industry has been hit terribly in the last couple years, and this is a huge stimulus package, and an all-private stimulus package for the construction industry. there will be benefits to local businesses. there will be benefits to lake shore. to lake side. these are the businesses i pate nice all too often in the west side of san francisco. they come and go. this is going to britain thousands of new patrons to those businesses. i couldn't be more enthusiastic about this project. it will inconvenience me. it will inconvenience many in the short-term. this is a huge benefit. >> good evening, commissioners. thank you for your time.
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i grew up near park merced. i am familiar with the property and i still live in the area. i came down here to voice my support for the project and advocate that you help move it forward. park merced has adapted their plans to community information. i think it will be a vast improvement to what i see a decaying building entering the end of a long lifespan. i see many of my friends who grew up in park merced raising their families in a home they can afford. park merced will allow people to raise their families in a way that they were raised.
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please support this. thank you very much. >> laura traveler. followed by marlenep -- marlene. >> everyone just gets three minutes. you may as well take your three minutes, ms. traveler. you don't want to take your three minutes? ok. three minutes, ma'am. three minutes. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is maria guerro. i have been a 10ant since -- tenant since 189 -- since 1993.
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the only project acceptable to me is leaving it as it is now. consider that the first amendment of the constitution of the united states the freedom of speech has been violated in these proceedings. two very important communtse communities residing at parkway, the chinese and the spanish-speaking community who only speak spanish or chinese have not been considered by the planning department in the notice in 2009. not one word of the thousands of pages of documents produced by the planning department has been translated into chinese or spanish for these important communities to exercise their freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution to every citizen of this country.
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i am hereby requestfully requesting that these proceedings be initiated all over again from 2009 and 2010 that all documents introduced today be translated into spanish and english, that every chinese or spanish-only eating resident of park merced be notified in writing so the new procedures will start so they may be able to participate in these proceedings once they have access to the translated documents in order to make an fom informed decision. my mother is one of those only spanish-speaking people. so i know for a fact that no document has been translated into spanish. this has had a catastrophic and irreversible effect on my
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health. due to the toxic air con tam neantnants -- contaminants that will be released into the air from such a massive construction undertaking. they are capable of converting the carbon dioxide that we humans absolutely need to breathe in order to stay alive. what we have is we use point oxygen from the trees and exchange massive amounts of toxic air -- [bell] >> thank you, ma'am. and you can submit your comments. >> thank you so much.
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>> thank you, commissioners. my name is marlene modell. i wanted to address the impact on people. there is obviously a lot of money invested in this project. we can tell by the orchestrated line-up of people that are speaking for the development proogeect and -- project and the under-reputation of those that oppose the project. i just want to talk about the people. the residents -- there isn't willful disregard of the 8,000 people. i do see that the developers are putting up with the rent control issues, they are bending over backward and trying to accommodate and get the people on board, but this is about residents whose community and life will be destroyed as they know it and a way of life that is based on their freedom of choice to live here in this community. this is democracy and the welfare of the people must be equally weighed heavily in this
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review ever -- review. i don't think we have had a dialogue with the residents. i know we have had 250 meetings. i know michael yarny came out this past saturday. i appreciate the gesture. i also am not quite sure if he works with the developers of the city, but i know he works very hard. it promises to bulldoze homes. the equivalent to living in a war zone. we should really further study the human impact to the disruption of the quality of life for 8,000 residents and the rest of san francisco. what is the human immact of such a -- what the human impact of subjecting humans to 0 construction for 20 to 30 years? has anyone done a study of what it is like to live for five years in a continual construction zone? finally we have to look at the
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fining. it is a partner with questionable financing. we would appreciate independent council or the city of san francisco. i think we owe this to san franciscoans and the state of california. i know it is sitting on an ideal community, but where will they be commuting to? most of these people will go to silicon valley for jobs. i really urge you to review the scope and scale of this development. thank you very much. >> thank you. did i already call you? james sodemam. paula. tom murphy. ryan gilly. go ahead, sir.
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if you want. i know you have been waiting. brian celidon. >> commissioners, thank you for your time tonight. as i said, my name is brian. i too, grew up close to the park merced area on merced manner. like mr. miller who just spoke before me. i worked in the area for seven years. i still live in the arrs and i e area. friends, their families, they all lived shortly just after they were married. they have done excellent job in communicating their redevelopment plan. i have reviewed the specific proposal to what is currently there. they serve the residents well during the twentieth century. it is a


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